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Here at Briarhunt Kennels we take great pride in our dogs. Since 1984 we have been producing dogs that exemplify the temperament, courage, strength and intelligence of the Coonhound. Our dogs have been involved and successful over the years in such activities ranging from Conformation and Obedience to man-tracking.


Briarhunt year after year has produced some of the Top Show Dogs in both Canada and United States. Our dogs that have evaded the spotlight of the show rings have found their way into the hearts and homes of many people across North America and Europe. We are extremely proud of all our dogs whether they are found in the glossy magazines of the show world or dressed up for the family Christmas photos.


Our puppies are truly home raised. With only having at most 1 litter a year, we can ensure that the mom is looked after and the pups and mom get the best care possible. For 4 months the dinning room gives way to the puppies, there they become comfortable with all the noises of the home and they are well socialized by the time they leave the nest at about 9 weeks old. All Briarhunt dogs are sold on a Contracts and come with a health guarantee. We take great pride and effort in producing healthy puppies.


We have been members of the American Black & Tan Coonhound Club (AB&TCC) since 1984 this year sitting on the Ethics Committee. We can usually be found at the annual National Specialty Show and the Regional Shows that the AB&TCC put on.


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